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Lancia Flaminia rubber spacers buffer-rod
Lancia Flaminia rubber spacers buffer-rod

Lancia Flaminia rubber spacers buffer-rod

Model: Flaminia rubber spacers buffer-rod




NEW-production: Rubber-Spacers for the Buffer-rod "lower mount”

also named as: Gummi-Puffer = Stabilisator-Stange


suitable for Flaminia Versions

(1)     PininFarina Coupe

(2)     Touring G.T / G.T.L. / Convertible

(3)     Zagato Sport & Super Sport


to keep the Rear Reaction Bar into its proper vertical position

Detailed infos: see Partsbook Flaminia Page nr 82 / Position Nr: 35

Sold per 2-set = 4 pieces

Shape & Form = identical to the originals



Price : upon request

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Mercedes-Benz-Veteranenclub Deutschland: fix Dunlop problems

"Some vehicles, for example the 300 SL Roadster, are equipped with Dunlop brakes. These brakes perform better than the drum predecessors, but there is one problem: rust! Whether the car is used or parked in the garage, you will notice rust after some time. The firm Classic Tuning Co. of the Netherlands has chosen a U.S. partner to create a solution. The import of stainless steel brake cylinders started in October 2008. The shape of the new brake cylinders is 100% identical to the Dunlop originals so you can replace them easily within one hour."

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