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Lancia Flavia new rear brake units
Lancia Flavia new rear brake units Lancia Flavia new rear brake units Lancia Flavia new rear brake units

Lancia Flavia new rear brake units

Model: Lancia Flavia new rear brake units

Available: new & complete rear-brakes (sets)

ONLY available: our INOX-T304 stainless steel Disc-Brake Calipers = corrosion free !!

  • easy to mount
  • no comparison; versus the always corroding Dunlop disc-brake Cast-Iron calipers
  • awesome brake-results
  • INOX-T304 stainless steel
  • 1:1 compatible by re-mounting to the Dunlop-Cast-Iron (disc-brake) calipers onto housings
  • suitable for ALL 815. Flavia versions
  • suitable for the Mille-Otto Flavia versions

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Classic Tuning in 'Classic & Sports Car Magazine'

"Banish corrosion from your classic's brake cylinders with these high-quality versions. Made from 304-grade stainless steel, the HyeDraCyl cylinders are direct replacements for Dunlop items fitted to many '50s and '60s Jaguars, Lancias and Ferraris. The originals were cast iron with chromed steel pistons, a combination that had the potential to aid rust, leading to leaking seals and possible brake failure. Six bore sizes are available (from 1.5in at £205 each to 2.5in at £237 each), suitable for front and rear assemblies. Bridge pipes (£17.40) and stainless-steel bleed nipples (£6.50) are available. Classic Tuning can offer machined-from-billet stainless-steel brake cylinder assemblies for exotics such as the Iso Rivolta - ring for details."

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