Lancia Flavia Zagato Sport 1800 CC

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Fair "Auto e Moto d'Epoca", Padova, Italy

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The "Auto e Moto d'Epoca" fair in Padova, Italy is the most important European show with 90,000 square meter of vintage cars, motorcycles and spare parts. The fair is visited yearly by more than 60,000 visitors and enthusiasts. On the pictures above you see our 2010 stand with stainless steel disc brakes and other spare parts.

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Above you see our 2011 booth.

Lancia Fulvia Fanalone 1st series HF 1600 CC

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Garage Classic Lancia in Houten, The Netherlands

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Mercedes-Benz-Veteranenclub Deutschland: fix Dunlop problems

"Some vehicles, for example the 300 SL Roadster, are equipped with Dunlop brakes. These brakes perform better than the drum predecessors, but there is one problem: rust! Whether the car is used or parked in the garage, you will notice rust after some time. The firm Classic Car Tuning/Classic Lancia of the Netherlands has chosen a U.S. partner to create a solution. The import of stainless steel brake cylinders started in October 2008. The shape of the new brake cylinders is 100% identical to the Dunlop originals so you can replace them easily within one hour."

Our car parts are suitable for

Our quality products are suitable for a range of car brands and models. Classic Car Tuning specializes in spare parts for classic Lancias.

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